This is one of the best iPhone 16 leaks I’ve seen yet

Dr Angela Marshall
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Though the iPhone 15 series is still relatively new, the rumor mill for the iPhone 16 has already begun. And since we’re in the era of spatial computing with the Apple Vision Pro, some changes need to be made to future iPhones to make compatible content.

So far, we’ve seen a few different design prototypes for the iPhone 16, at least with the base model. And though I always spring for the Pro models instead of the non-Pro versions, the design of the base iPhone 16 models has me excited for what’s to (possibly) come.

A call back to the iPhone X

An Apple Iphone X.
Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

In 2017, Apple celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone with the iPhone X, which launched alongside the iPhone 8. The iPhone X was the first iPhone to get rid of the Home button and Touch ID in favor of a full-screen design and Face ID for biometric security. It was also the first iPhone to go with a vertical camera layout.

I didn’t get the iPhone X at the time — I went with a regular iPhone 8. But the following year, I got the iPhone XS, which became one of my favorite iPhones. I loved the size of it, and the vertical camera layout also gave it a sleek and elegant aesthetic.

Closeup Render Of The Iphone 16 Slim Camera Module.

The most recent iPhone 16 design rumor indicates that Apple is returning to the vertical camera layout. MacRumors created a mockup based on the most recent schematics, which reveals a vertical camera layout housed in a pill-shaped bump, with the flash positioned adjacent to the camera module. Previous leaks showed Apple going with the square camera bump like we have had the past few years but with a variety of different vertical camera arrangements.

Prototype Renders Of The Iphone 16.

Those original three prototype designs did not excite me at all — I thought having a vertical camera layout in a square module looked ugly and unnecessary due to the wasted space.

But this new slim pill-shaped module? It’s definitely giving me iPhone X vibes, and I’m here for it.

Less is more

Purple Iphone 14 (Left) And A Green Iphone 15 In Hand.
Christine Romero-Chan / Digital Trends

As much as I love my iPhone 15 Pro, I hate that the camera bump has just gotten bigger and bigger every year. With this potential iPhone 16 design, it looks like the camera bump could be going back to a slimmer, more manageable size.

At least, the module itself. I still want to see the day smartphone cameras go back to being smaller and more flush with the body rather than always sticking out and being wobbly on a flat surface. But that’s very unlikely, considering they need to be larger due to the sensors and better capabilities.

The possible design changes for the base model iPhone 16 are shaping up to be quite nice. I wish the iPhone 16 Pro models could get something new besides the rumored Capture button, but we’ll have to find out in the fall. But as far as the regular iPhone 16 is concerned, I can’t get enough of this potential new design. Please, Apple — make it happen.

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Dr. Angela Marshall is a Gold Medalist Physiotherapist from the Heidelberg University of Health Sciences in Germany.
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