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Mark Cuban Says Sale of the Dallas Mavericks Could Make the City a ‘Tourism Destination’ (Exclusive)

The "Shark Tank" star, whose new MasterClass debuts on Thursday, tells PEOPLE

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Chinese planemaker COMAC upstages Airbus and Boeing at Singapore Airshow

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Chinese state-owned planemaker COMAC upstaged industry leaders Airbus and

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A leading scientist says you can skip the memory supplements. Protein is where it’s at.

There are hundreds of supplements out there promising to "boost" your brain

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US man sues Powerball lottery after being told his apparent $340m win was error

A man who thought he had won a $340m Powerball jackpot is suing the

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Headlights are blinding us. Here’s why it’s mostly an American problem

Imagine if you could drive at night with your high beams on

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New Lucid Gravity to receive exclusive, long-range Dream Edition

The new Lucid Gravity electric SUV, revealed this week in Los Angeles, will receive

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NASA confirms 2023 was the hottest year on record

Want some bad news as a lead up to the weekend? NASA just

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Elon Musk bashed by heavy metal drummer who cost him $56 billion

WILMINGTON, Delaware (Reuters) - Elon Musk suffered one of the biggest legal losses in

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The Evolution of North Korean Ballistic Missile Program: A Comprehensive Analysis

North Korea's ballistic missile program has been a topic of concern and

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